About Our Hunts

You will be greeted by Lael Brewster, Brogan Didier and Kyle Carlson on your hunt of a lifetime. Both Lael and Kyle have been hunting together for more then a decade in the backwoods of northern British Columbia, while harvesting all the fine animals that our great part of the county has to offer. From running the mountain tops for sheep and goats to covering the valley bottom floor for your target animal we have done it, and now want to share that experience with you and make it a trip of a lifetime.

We will have a true wilderness experience when it comes time for your hunt. Whether it be hunting for moose, elk, Whitetail and Mule deer, black bear, wolf we will make sure you won’t forget about your time spent at south slope. We are a few young guys that love to hunt and have a lot of experience doing so. We have top-notch bush camps that consist of cabins and wall tents and all the best camping gear and equipment to make your stay relaxing and comfortable after a day of hunting the back woods.

Our winter hunts for cougar, lynx and wolf will be run out of cabins and the homes of the guides. we will be traveling lots to cover ground so there will be lots of different country to see.

We will have prime locations for our winter wolf baits with heated blinds to keep our hunters comfy while you wait for the excitement. We can send you the pictures of the wolves that are coming into each bait weeks before you show up so you can target the wolf that you want the most.

We are located in North Eastern British Columbia where all the guides call home and know the backwoods better then anyone in the country. Fort St. John BC (YXJ) is where you will fly into, We will have a guide waiting there to greet you, load you and your equipment and head for camp.

2022 cat hunt testimonial for Jose Garza

I recently had the incredible experience of hunting in BC. I could not believe how serious was Lael after he saw cougar trail he just told me, we have a cougar! I asked myself how can he be so sure just by looking at those footprints? Well he sure knew what he was doing, he brought his dogs and pretty quickly my son has a chance to shoot with his bow to the cougar and we were celebrating that night an amazing hunt. His expertise is amazing, I sure hope to go back to his place and enjoy again his great attendance.  Thanks a lot Lael!!

What You Will Need

Choice of weapon – Rifle, Bow, Muzzle loader. Click on the link below for information on how to bring your firearm smoothly on your travels below. If you decide to not deal with the hassle we can provide you with the best weapon of your choice once you get here.

  • Three layers of clothes to comfort you in weather ranging from -15 to +20
  • Three boots: hiking boots, rubber boots and sandals or crocs for camp.
  • Gloves, toque, neck warmer. Riding in jet boat can get very cold.
  • Sleeping bag depends on the time of year you come
  • Rain clothes and rain hat
  • Backpack big enough to pack extra gear and personal belongings.
  • Camera to capture all moments of the experience
  • Binoculars, extra ammo, gun sling, scope cover, x2 headlamps, sunglasses, sunblock, bug repellent, hunting knife, water jug, hiking poles.
  • A personal hygiene bag with Advil or aspirin pain reliever if needed.
  • Satellite phone or in-reach to keep in contact with people at home.
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