BC Mule Deer Hunts

The Mule Deer has long, tall and wide horns; which makes this animal so unique it puts itself in a category of its own. Here at Southslope Outfitters, we are lucky to have a few different approaches to locating these big mule deer bucks.

Being born and raised in this territory gives all guides here at SSO an advantage by having years of education of the area but also to have entry to some of the most pristine private hunting land that the Peace River area has to offer; along with longstanding reputations as highly ethical hunters. We can watch these deer grow at a young age and develop into good mature deer, and if all the stars align with their genetics these deer grow into the world class category. Along side private land, there is the “High Country”. This is where we will take off for the day and head into the alpine; where we have been able to harvest some great mule deer. With white mountain tops and fresh mountain air, you will want to keep coming back for more glassing for high alpine mule deer bucks.

Also, through the hunting area we have several freshwater rivers that wind alongside high rolling hills. With the use of riverboats, we access these remote areas where we will be glassing from all vantage spots along the river to find the trophy mule deer you been looking for.  We encourage you to be in decent shape to hunt the river hills and the alpine to make it a more enjoyable hunt.

Mule Deer hunting from Nov 1 to Nov 30

$6,500 USD 1×1 $5,500 for 2×1

Whitetail or Mule Deer with wolf included

$7,500 USD 1×1 $6,500 for 2×1

All hunts prices include: meals, accommodations, meat and cape preparedness and pick up/drop off at Fort St. John airport.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Mule Deer Archery Hunt from Sept 1 to 30

$6,500 USD 1×1 $5,500 for 2×1

Mule Deer Hunts
BC Mule Deer Hunt

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