Over bait with ground blinds and/or spot and stalk

Whitetail Deer Hunt

Known around the world as ‘Ridge Runners’ the North American Whitetail Deer is reputed as easily startled, alert, and very agile. While possibly being the most challenging to harvest they may also just be the most gratifying and beautiful deer in the deer family.

Here at Southslope Outfitters we work year round to increase the odds of getting the opportunity of a shot on a big mature deer. We have established bait locations that have built in blinds with comfy chairs and heaters. Here in BC, licensed hunters are allowed to bait deer; which allows guides to become familiar with deer in the area, to incentivize deer to stay in the area and to watch deer grow from a young age. All this results in heightened odds for desired hunt results. The hunter can be more selective and at times know the targeted buck he will be hunting. This also assists in the harvesting of older deer to maintain optimal genetics and a healthy population in the area. Blinds will be set early in the season to prevent any unusual interference that may detour mature bucks.

Hunting whitetail deer takes more patience and requires many hours spent in a blind while also spending some time touring and scouting the territory. Our whitetail season runs from September 1 to November 30; with the possibility of the rut starting as early as November 10th and bringing with it plenty of action until the end of the season in past years.


Whitetail Deer hunts from Sept 1 to Nov 30

$6,500 USD  1×1 $5,500 for 2×1

Whitetail or Mule Deer with wolf included

$7,500 USD 1×1 $6,500 for 2×1

All hunts prices include: meals, accommodations, meat and cape preparedness and pick up/drop off at Fort St. John airport.  Prices are subject to change without notice.

Whitetail Deer

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